Mendapatkan Manfaat Buah Yang Banyak

Mendapatkan Manfaat Buah Yang Banyak – Getting The Many Benefits Fruits – When the eels would be moved, he said that he moved the crab dahulu.Karena water has been depleted, leaving only mud.

Do you take them first, because the water had dried and they can not be bertahan.Kalau us the eel you moved in after them, because we were still able to hide under the mud “.Kata the eel being wise.

“But it’s all been agreed in the order specified dahulu.Jadi I brought you out” .Bangau try to persuade.

if you do not take them out, we do not want in the eel good pindah.Lebih we die together here “.Kata eel firmly. Eventually, with a feeling of indignation and a heavy heart, the stork also want to move the crab first.


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