Memberikan Manfaat Dalam Buah Yang Masi Bagus

Memberikan Manfaat Dalam Buah Yang Masi Bagus – Providing Benefits In The Masi Good Fruit – Of course, the lion can not remain silent, he was chasing deer and follow him into the woods. But because lions normally live and hunt in the area of pasture, he bit kualahan chasing deer in the forest.

The number of shrubs and roots to make a lion a little inhibited, but instead for kancil.Karena normally lives in forests, he knew very well the ins and outs of the forest. Until the deer is not difficult to run freely.

Eventually they came to the deer in a pool which is very clear, so that he can reflect on it.
Because of fatigue after a run, the deer was resting there. Ah..istirahat dulu.Mungkin the lion had not chase me anymore.

He was not used to the forest, he may have given up and returned to the pasture. ” Murmured deer with breath struggling. But only a few moments of rest deer, the lion suddenly came. Hi minikin,  where else would run this kau.Kau what food? Banteng not, because you have no tanduk.Rusa also not, because of the size of your body.


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